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Cobourg Peninsula

The Coburg Peninsula is home to some of the best reef and tropical sports fishing in the world. Situated at the very top left tip of Arnhem Land, the spectacular wilderness of Garig Gunak Barlu National Park encompasses almost all of Cobourg Peninsula. The park preserves the peninsula’s sandy beaches, dunes and associated coastal grasslands, mangroves, rainforest patches, swamps, lagoons, coral reefs, sea grass meadows and rich marine life. Cobourg Peninsula is two sailing days (150 nautical miles) from Darwin, and at least two or three days in a four-wheel-drive (road access is only possible from May to October). A permit from the Northern Land Council is essential for all travellers.

The Black Point Cultural Centre features displays of Aboriginal, Macassan and European histories of the area. The ruins of the Victoria Settlement are an early example European Settlement. However many who come to Cobourg Peninsula have just one thing on their minds – fishing. The quality of fishing is world-class, and Cobourg Peninsula has plenty of mangrove-lined billabongs jumping with barramundi, mangrove jack and other sportfish. The ocean teems with barracuda, queen fish, trevally, coral trout and jewfish. Protected sea life including turtles, crocodiles, dugongs and dolphins can also be seen in the area. The Cobourg Peninsula is also a paradise for birdwatchers, and anyone who enjoys unique flora and fauna.

Activites and Experiences at Cobourg Peninsula

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  • Adventure
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  • Outback

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