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Gascoyne Junction

Gascoyne Junction, where the Lyons and Gascoyne Rivers meet, is two hours’ drive east of Carnarvon.

First proposed as a town site in 1897, Gascoyne Junction now has a population of 46 people and is a centre for mining, pastoral and desert merino fine wool industries.

Nearby are the Kennedy Ranges running north which have 90 kilometre long springs, spectacular cliffs and canyons which are a wildlife haven.

Gascoyne Junction is also the gateway to Mount Augustus National Park where Mount Augustus rises 1106 metres above sea level. Mount Augustus is twice the size of Uluru (Ayers Rock) and has a stepped formation and tress on its flanks. The granite formation is estimated to be 1750 million years old.

The town now boasts a unique and traditional Aussie pub. Accommodation is available at farm stays and at the hotel.

Activites and Experiences at Gascoyne Junction

  • Fuel
  • Mountain A large natural elevation of earth
  • Nature based Relating to the natural environment
  • Off road Vehicle with some or all content taking place off a sealed road
  • Outback Remote and usually uninhibited or sparesely inhabited areas of Australia
  • Remote Remote and usually uninhabited or sparsely inhabitd areas of Australia

Nearest Airport: Carnarvon

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