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Lady Musgrave Island

Lady Musgrave Island is the only coral island on the Great Barrier Reef with a navigable lagoon – over eight kilometres in circumference. Accessible by boat from either Bundaberg or the Town of 1770, the island is a true coral cay and reef walkers will discover jewel-bright starfish, sea urchins, clams and corals exposed at low tide.

Scuba divers may come face to face with a manta rays or moray eels, and snorkellers will discover giant rainbow coloured fish or coral trout. Swimming and snorkelling inside the lagoon offers calm, crystal clear water – like swimming in a giant aquarium!

In summer, turtles come ashore to lay their eggs and thousands of seabirds nest in rookeries on the uninhabited island. The island is a national park and there are no shops or facilities ashore. However, camping wilderness style is permitted for up to 40 people at a time. Campers must take their own fresh water and food and all supplies for the ultimate in getaways. Lady Musgrave Island is a national park and as such there are no shops or facilities ashore. Lady Musgrave Island has a pontoon visited by the vessel departing Bundaberg, from which you can snorkel, take a glass-bottomed boat ride over the reef, or view coral in a semi-submersible vessel. The tour from the Town of 1770 offers snorkelling, glass bottom boat rides, fishing and island walks with more time spent at the reef and less travelling time.

Activites and Experiences at Lady Musgrave Island

  • Birdwatching From October to April, bridled terns, black-naped tens, black noddies, seagulls, oystercatchers and several thousand wedge-tailed shearwaters nest on the Island.
  • Camping Camping is permitted on the Island most of the year, a limit of 50 people applies, and a permit to camp is required.
  • Cruising To the Island from Bundaberg Port Marina or Town of 1770.
  • Fishing – Deep Sea Out from the Island with your own boat.
  • Scenic Flight From Bundaberg Airport with operators, including a Helicopter.
  • Snorkelling From the Island or with a tour operator. A boat is the only safe way to reach distant parts for snorkelling and diving in suitable conditions.
  • Swimming Around the Island.
  • Marine Animal swimming From the Island.
  • Walking The Island is very small and you can set out on the ebbing tide and walk in sand channels across the reef flat towards the reef crest.
  • Beach You can walk, swim or dive to see the reef’s corals.
  • Nature based Green turtle nesting site and a major seabird nesting area.
  • RTN, QH and National Distributors (TQ)
  • Fraser Coast
  • Fraser Coast South Burnett
  • Gladstone Tourism

Nearest Airport: Bundaberg

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