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Leeman is located 295 kilometres north of Perth on the coast of Western Australia.

This small, friendly town has excellent attractions for visitors including a picnic area, a first-class boat ramp, excellent fishing, good swimming spots, diving, and tours to view sea lions and whales (in season). Dive charters and courses can also be arranged from Leeman.

This area is in one of the most wildflower rich areas in Western Australia and flowering plants can be seen from late July through to November.

The roads between the Brand Highway and Indian Ocean Drive are excellent for wildflower viewing and it is within an easy day’s drive to Perenjori to view the famous wreath flowers.

Lake Indoon, east of Leeman, is a lovely freshwater lake suitable for recreational boating, canoeing, and windsurfing. It is also a popular picnic spot, with barbecue facilities and washrooms.

Food is available from a cafe, take away outlets and the Leeman Club.

If you’re planning to stay overnight, holiday units and caravan park accommodation is available.

Activites and Experiences at Leeman

  • Charter
  • Sightseeing Clients view the many sights of the area.
  • Snorkelling
  • Swimming
  • Water-based
  • Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale
  • Fuel
  • Adventure Unusual and exciting experience or an endurance race consisting of a variety of adventure activities
  • Aussie Lifestyle Typical Australian way of living
  • Beach A beach attraction is a beach area that is recognised for its scenic beauty, recreational opportunities, environmental state, and/or fauna population. Recreational vehicles can be driven on a number of beaches around Australia
  • Caravan and Camping Accommodation in own/hired caravan or camping
  • Rural/Country Relating to the rural/country lifestyle (ie agricultural or pastoral)
  • Cruise To sail from place to place for pleasure
  • Diving To go below the surface of the water or a diving competition in a swimming or diving pool
  • Eco Tourism Relating to the natural environment, its protection and conservation. Product fitting this experiencee have been awarded an Eco Tourism Accreditation
  • Environmental Relating to the natural environment, its protection and conservation
  • Fishing Related to any fishing activities
  • Flora and Fauna Relating to Plant and Animal Life
  • Island A piece of land completely surrounded by water
  • Marine A location where visitors can observe dolphins in their natural habitat
  • National Park A national park is an area that is recognised for its natural features that are protected by controlled access and usage
  • Nature based Relating to the natural environment
  • Off road Vehicle with some or all content taking place off a sealed road
  • Relaxation Unwind and take it easy
  • Soft Adventure Experiencing some adventure but in comfort and style
  • Sport Suitable location for windsurfing
  • Water based Relating to any activity based on water
  • Wildflower The flower of an uncultivated plant

Nearest Airport: Perth

Accommodation In Leeman

Discover some of the accommodation in and around Leeman

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