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Walla Walla

Walla Walla situated just 40 km north of Albury is renown for its German Heritage who were amongst the first European settlers and many of the skills of these settlers can still be seen today. The present Zion Lutheran Church – built in 1924 is the largest Lutheran Church in New South Wales, with seating for almost 600 people.

Standing close by is a replica of one of the German wagons that made the six week, 600 mile journey from the Barossa Valley in 1869, bringing 56 German farmers who settled throughout the area. A full history of the journey and those involved is included in the display.

Nearby is Morgan’s Lookout a spectacular massive white granite rock formation used by bushranger Dan Morgan as a hideout and lookout and hence the name. The panoramic view over the Billabong Valley and the four-hectare recreation area, offer hours of exploring. Picnic and toilet facilities are provided at this idyllic location situated six kilometres north of Walla Walla.

Many sounds of the past can be heard in the living classroom at the Walla Walla Lions Heritage Festival. This is a day when the small, but vibrant community of Walla Walla brings history to life and the town oval becomes a classroom of re-enactments, from the shearing of sheep to loading wool using horses.

Work horses ploughing the field, spinning, fashion parade, vintage cars and machinery to name a few. The flavours of German food and good old Aussie damper can be tasted.

Join the youngsters as they see and experience a lifestyle of the past and share the oldies as they reminisce about the way they did things.

The Walla Walla Heritage Festival is held on the second Sunday in November each year at the Sportsground.

Activites and Experiences at Walla Walla

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Nearest Airport: ALBURY 50KMS

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