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Cocklebiddy is a tiny settlement between Madura and Caiguna that provides facilities for travellers on the Eyre Highway.

Visit Cocklebiddy Cave, to the town’s northwest, or the remains of one of the old telegraph stations nearby. For those travelling in a four wheel drive vehicle, experience the pristine beauty of Nuytsland Nature Reserve with a visit to the local bird observatory.

Dine in or takeaway meals are available from the roadhouse. Some basic dry goods also available.

Tumbling parrot shows

Bird lovers will go nutty about Nuytsland Nature Reserve, a land of small, multi-stemmed gum trees and sand dunes.
From the bird observatory here, located in a lovely old stone building which was used from 1897 to 1927 as a telegraph station, you have the chance to spot some of the more than 240 species of bird recorded here.
Among the most common are Major Mitchell cockatoos, which fly in spectacular flocks over the white sand dunes, come in to drink at the observatory, or do somersaults on the telegraph wire.
Other visitors include brush bronze-wings, 12 honeyeater species, the chestnut quail-thrush and southern scrub-robins. Waders and terns occur in relatively small numbers, as do sandpipers and the unusual red-necked phalarope.
The observatory and its surrounds provide a sense of isolation and adventure and a base from which to relax and watch birds or simply appreciate nature in a wilderness setting.
Accommodation here is simple and comfortable, and comes with a peaceful and timeless atmosphere.

Activites and Experiences at Cocklebiddy

  • Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale
  • Fuel
  • Nature based Relating to the natural environment
  • Remote Remote and usually uninhabited or sparsely inhabitd areas of Australia

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